Amanda Metz

Director of Original Programming

Growing up in the suburbs of North Austin, Amanda’s love for the industry really blossomed in high school when she found herself enamored by the behind-the-scenes work that went into movies and television programs.  Her fascination quickly turned to obsession, as she began binge-watching hours of DVD special feature clips and commentary, and she knew production work was in her future.

A few years later, while attending the University of North Texas, Amanda jumped at the chance to study abroad in Wellington, New Zealand, where she took classes in Performance Design and visited the amazing Weta Workshop, of Lord of the Rings fame. Upon returning to Texas, she got her first real taste of the TV life working as an extra on the NBC series Friday Night Lights and as a production assistant on local commercial projects, before eventually finding her way to AMS.

In her role as Director of Original Programming, Amanda oversees projects from initial budget creation to submission of final deliverables. With an eye for detail and penchant for problem-solving, she aims to keep the Original Programming machine running smoothly.  During her time with AMS, Amanda has helped to manage projects for a variety of networks, including HGTV, Velocity, Cooking Channel, and Reelz Channel.