Katie Dunn


Katie attended Texas Tech University with every intention of becoming a doctor, but it was while minoring in Advertising that she discovered her love for producing. She honed her production skills at the Art Institute of Dallas before bringing that passion to AMS in 2009, and has been steadily rising ever since. Katie has worked on many shows in the Original Programming department that have run the gamut from a rowdy biker bar on TruTV to teenage homicide on BIO.

Starting as a Production Assistant on Girl Meets Gown in 2009, Katie quickly ascended to the role of Associate Producer for the TruTV series Ma’s Roadhouse and a special on History Channel about the Nando Parrado story called I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash. Since then, she has Senior Produced Food Attack on Food Network and served as a Producer on the HGTV shows Cool PoolsYou Live In What? and Home, Strange Home.

Katie was also the Showrunner and Senior Producer for Killer Teens on BIO, crafting the show from the research and development stage, all the way through to its release. This foray into crime has opened a new door for Katie, and she now specializes in the true crime genre, with dramatic reenactments that will make your spine tingle.

Katie has earned many accolades for her work, including a first place award at the Cannes film festival for her short film, titled Fate (2009). She also won the Audience Award at the 48 Hour Film Festival in 2010, for The Projectionist as a writer/director.