Kim Clemons


Kim began her broadcasting career at the age of four in her bathtub. It was there she “anchored” using shampoo bottles as microphones and the labels for her scripts. Many years later, Kim studied Radio, Television, and Film at San Jose State University and then quickly moved to Texas for more opportunities. While in the “Big D,” Kim wrote, reported and produced for local television and syndicated radio shows, including No CoverPositively TexasThe Doug Banks in the Morning Show, and Good Morning Texas.

Kim moved to New York to help produce NBC’s The Ainsley Harriott Show – executive produced by Merv Griffin and Michael Gelman of Regis and Kelly fame. After Ainsley, Kim produced the syndicated show, Crossing Over with John Edward for four years and later, A&E’s hit reality show, Growing Up Gotti.

When Kim grew weary of the harsh New York winters, she relocated back to Dallas and freelance produced Whose Wedding is it Anyway? for E!, Cross Country with John Edward, and Bridezillas for WEtv.

Since joining AMS in 2006, Kim has had the opportunity to produce many television shows, including 40 episodes of Yoga For Life,  the documentary A Colored Life,  Girl Meets Gown for WEtv, Ma’s Roadhouse for TRUtv, Home Strange Home for HGTV and more!